About Me

This picture was taken at the end of 1964

That little ginger girl is still inside me

She loves her tomboy farm gal days and she loves her girlie fru fru days.

She has ALWAYS loved babies and dollies.

After all these years, I have decided it is more than

OK to play with toys.

Whenever I want.

And YOU should too.

I have always clung to my faith.

I have always been a believer.

Jesus is my rock.

Santa...Easter Bunny...Tooth Faerie...Jack Frost

Have always been my friends.

Wonderland, Neverland, Narnia,

The Shire, Hogwarts are all places I like to

spend time. 

Disneyland, Faerieworlds my second homes.


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Kringle's Imaginarium is operated by me,

LillySue, with my elves, Holly & Sam.

We are joined in the workshop by our furry feline assistants, Lucky, Tucker, Jerry, Sophie & Simon.

Our 3 hens round out the crew.

We miss our beloved Pupdog and Sassy bunny, but they are romping in the fields beyond the rainbow bridge now.

We love:

Making a mess while creating.

Listening to Bluegrass or vintage

swing music.

Having an always present hot cuppa tea & yummy treats made from scratch.

A purring kitty in our laps.

We seek out anything tiny or magical to inspire our imaginations. As early birds, you will find us more often than not, up before the dawn puttering away.

Thank you for visiting....we appreciate you being here!


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